My old account, Virtuous Vulture got Re-made,this is my main blog. I'm, also an Official Member of Organization XII, Decepticons & the Turks :3

Status: WendiGoGo


August 23 2014, 8pm ...1 week ago

Lol are you fucking serious? Did it just upload a picture as a link?

Nah fuck outta here I’m going on hiatus and uninstalling the tumblr app.

August 22 2014, 6pm ...1 week ago


•Why do you follow rp blogs but don’t rp yourself?
~ Hokkaido,Vulture and Mr.Eel are somewhat of online persona(mostly Hokkaido) and its used so muses and muns have something to call me, a lot of people have a persona.

•You seem picky about who you follow and who follows you,why?
~ I don’t follow canon rpers because the muns tend to be rude so I rarely follow them,if I do then you get a cookie,I also follow animal blogs who post the specific animals I like,I rarely follow fashion blogs(I’m only following 1).
~Im picky about my followers because I tend to attract blogs with keyloggers or Trojans which I obviously don’t want.

•List facts about your blog
°I can get traumatized by a bad mun which is why its rare for me to follow canon characters or certain characters.
°I don’t rp due to my bad habit of never finishing things I start so rp is not going to happen.
°Half of my health problems cause me to sleep or lose sleep.